\\\”Esteban Diacono was born in September 1974 in Córdoba, Argentina. He grew up in the beautiful town of Villa Carlos Paz where he attended college.

From a very young age his enthusiastic approach to visual arts became evident. He describes his first encounter with graphic design as \\\”love at first sight\\\”. However, he abandoned his formal academic studies after two years of disappointment with a program he felt \\\”was not focusing on the arts enough\\\”.

So he immediately initiated his self-taught journey learning from books and friends; progressively acquiring all the visual communication skills that would later define his passion for the art of digital animation. He worked on over one-hundred commercials before taking the next step in his career, which was to join the leading branding design studio Steinbranding, in Argentina, where he got a chance to work for clients such as Fox, FX, Cosmopolitan, Travel & Living, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel, among others.

Esteban\\\’s big break came -somewhat unexpetedly- in August 2009, when he created a video for Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. This video called “Ljósið” (“The Light”), not only became one of the most praised works of the year, but was viewed by over 5 million users on YouTube and Vimeo. Such impact caught immediate attention by the press, and it was featured in renowned publications as Stash, IdN Magazine, countless websites and the award-winning documentary \\\”\\\”Pause Press Play\\\”\\\” (you can view the film at pausepressplay.com). D\\\’Avant-Garde Media is proud to be representing Esteban Diácono in this promising new stage of his directing career.\\\”