Swan is the duo of Argentine directors Julieta Casalia y Lucía
Valdemoros. They studied Audiovisual Design at UBA, where they
discovered their passion for cinema.
With unique attention to detail, they are able to portray powerful
imagery with a strong atmosphere. Their fresh and intense energy
makes their films a space to reflect aesthetically striking and
avant-garde visuals.

When it comes to characters, they like to depict strong-minded
authentic personalities. They’ve worked with several clients as
Mac Cosmetics, Mondelez, Adidas, Avon, Coca-Cola and Mercado
Libre, to name a few.

Swan loves stories too. The short film «Deep Memories From The
Jungle» was made in the Peruvian jungle under the tutelage of
Werner Herzog. Recently, the short film «The Dress» was premiered
at Bafici. They are now pre-producing a brand new web
series called «The Flower”.